Replicating the anamorphic look

Use VashiMorphic40 (it’s free and can be found here :

An anamorphic look looks like this :

Here are the shooting recommandations from the creator of this free plug-in for After Effects :

  1. VASHIMORPHIC is by default 1920×1080 / 23.976 FPS / 16:9 aspect ratio.

  2. Use a full frame camera with a 28mm or 35mm lens. APS-C camera use a 20mm or 24mm. BMCC use a 10mm or 12mm.

  3. Capture your footage in 16:9 format and frame for 2.35 during the shoot.

  4. Import your footage into the “Your Footage” layer of After Effects.

  5. Adjust CI Vignette settings to taste.

  6. Default setting is 10% Opacity and 200 pixel feather.

  7. Adjust Corner Blur to taste. Default is 3 pixels with repeat edges on.

  8. Render out footage to the codec of your choice.

Source :


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